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We have collected articles about either the band or individual members of the band here. Some are longer articles, some are short articles. Some are all about the individual/group whilst others you may have to hunt for the relevant section.

The articles listed here may have two links. The first (under the "Title" column) will take you to a copy of the article on this website. The second link (under the "Source" column) will take you to either the original article (if still available) or the web site from which it came (if not). The source links will also be place on the copy page of the actual itself.

We will always give credit for publisher and writer of the articles where known. In addition we will also give credit where visitors to this site have found articles and information for us.

  Bilbo - All You Need To Know! Supersonic  
  Bagging A Hit    
  Bilbo Break Through  
  Bilbo Baggins - Supergroup?    
  Bilbo Make a Promise ..."We're Chartbound or Bust!"    
  Boozing With Bilbo Baggins Mates magazine  
  The Day We Nearly Gave Up    
  Everything'll Be All White Mates magazine
  Following In The Rollers Footsteps    
  Help! We're Being Taken Apart    
  Kindest Bilbo    
  Miss Scotland and Bilbo    
  New Faces '75  
  Osmonds, Rollers - Now Bilbo? Mates magazine
  Pop For Patients    
  Second Rollers    
  Toyah - discusses "Glitter" Zig Zag magazine
  Will Bilbo Be Biggies?    
  Bilbo's Balancing Trick    
  Two Timing Trickster! Supersonic Annual 1977
  Pop with Bob Eborall  
Jul 1978
  First Class Male Nursery World 25/11/2004
  Darling Cindy, 'or is it Lyn? Supersonic Annual 1977
  Mud Overboard  
Early 1976
  Consolidation and Intergration Widen World View Billboard 21/08/1999
  Rock Around The Shop NME 09/10/2000
  SRH Signs Major Record Deal SRH Press Release
  SRH on song with deal for archives The Scotsman
  Something Had To Give, And It Couldn't Be My Daughters Sunday Mail
  SRH Annual Report 2003 Extract SRH Annual Report 2003
  I Want To Make The Harp Sexy Daily Record
  Interview With Chris Low Absolutely Pet Shop Boys
  Bob Catley Discusses River Records RockUnited 26/06/2004
  Jimmy Admits: I was a pop-quiz cheat The Scotsman
  Dried Snails Disaster! Supersonic Annual 1977
  Bilbo's Fiddler! Supersonic Annual 1977
  "If I hadn't been a pop star..." Pink #152
  Origins Of The Name    
  Date Disaster    
  Electrical Things    
  Any Old Galleons    
  Internet fear of undercover police BBC News
  Dock and Roll Star Sunday Mail
  New Sheriffs Appointed Scottish Executive
  Man embezzled aunt's shares worth £410,000 The Scotsman
  High Court to sentence £ 400,000 embezzler Scottish Media Newspapers - The Herald (Glasgow) 21/10/2004
  Helicopter crash pilot fined £500 BBC News
  Man in court charged with city murder The Scotsman
  Man assaulted death fall student BBC Tags 02/08/2005
  Bouncer beat tragic student before fall The Scotsman 03/08/2005
  Edinburgh student admits assault on bridge fall victim Stand Up For Scotland 03/08/2005
  Child net porn teacher jailed for a year Innocence In Danger 18/09/2005
  Naked Rambler Inside For Winter? Scots Law News Nov. 2005
  Woman charged with abducting girl Glad to be a guy 09/11/2005
  Naked Rambler angers sheriff The Scotsman 16/11/2005
  Contempt of court means prison term for Naked Rambler (same article as above) Times Online 16/11/2005
  Rambler is jailed for naked court appearance Evening Times 16/11/2005
  Naked Rage Melon Farmers 17/11/2005
  Naked Rambler Jailed For Three Months Outdoors Magic 17/11/2005
  Sheriff admonishes naked rambler The Scotsman 09/01/2006
  Naked Rambler nabbed as he turns up for court in the nude The Scotsman 01/03/2006
  £15,000 for dud car parking lot BBC News 15/02/2006
  Couple sold short on parking space awarded £15,000 The Scotsman 16/02/2006
  ERI site firm fined £35k after worker impaled on spike The Scotsman 22/03/2006
  Back To Square Meals    
  Bilbo Baggins Badges    
  The Bilbo Who Became a Monk Supersonic  
  Brian's A Big Softie    
  Boots and Baggins    
  Girls Asking Fellas Out    
  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly    
  It's The Bilbo Express    
  When They Treat You Like Dirt!    
  Getting Into Bad Hobbits Pink #153

Brian Puts His Foot In It!

Supersonic Annual 1977
  Cooking Good Supersonic Annual 1977
  David's Killer Test! Supersonic Annual 1977
  Tam Paton Spills The Heinz Baked Beans!” Japanese BCR Fan Site
  Tam Paton: The man behind Rollermania BBC News Website 16/01/2003
  The Roller Coaster The Guardian - Weekend 18/06/2005
Alan Wright It’s hi hi baby as the old act goes on US tour Newspaper Articles on BCR


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