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Help! We're Being Taken Apart

Help! We're Being Taken Apart!Desperate news flash from Bilbo Baggins!

We got a real panic stricken call from Bilbo Baggins the other day!

"Things are getting silly up here!" shouted Jimmy to us as soon as we picked up the phone. "Can you hear that noise outside?" (We could just hear some faint blood curdling yells!) "That's some fans who've got us trapped up here in my flat. The telephone's our only contact with the outside world!"

"Anything we can do to help?" we yelled.


"Not really," Jimmy said. "Oh, perhaps there is one tiny thing. Can you ask the fans to PLEASE go easy on the keep-sakes? They're nicking everything! Colin's just had six shirts disappear, my new hairdryer's been grabbed and we get through about 20 number plates a week! Oh no, now there's a fan at the window - she's opened it - sh-she's coming for me - AAAGH!"

Then the call ended - but not before we heard a few strange shrieks that sounded like the Bilbos were being grabbed in all sorts of, er, unusual places! Hope they survived!

There's one thing about working in this office - you NEVER know what you're going to hear when you pick up the phone! *

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