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Press Releases

Bilbo's Record companies released a press release each. The quality of these is linked to the amount of money each of the labels had available for promotion. Polydor was a huge company with lots of resources behind them, Lightning was small and run on a shoe string, but not without some success.

Click on the images to read the full press releases.

Polydor Records
Lightning Records
Press Release from Lightning Records
Promo sheet from March 1976  

In addition to written releases the companies also produced photographs of their acts. These pictures are official approved shots and are often an indication to event promoters what the act looks like. They would have also have been sent to the music press in the hope that the band would have been written about.

To the fan at the time they were like gold dust, today they are a testament to the time and show how the band changed within a small time frame.

Polydor Records
Lightning Records
Promotional Picture 1 Lightning Promotional Picture 1

Click on the images to see more of these press photographs.

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