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Polydor Press Release - March 1976

Promo sheet from March 1976BILBO BAGGINS

There's a wealth of talent lurking in the depths of the Scottish countryside poised, like Nessie, to spring surprises at an opportune moment on an eagerly awaiting public.

We anticipate 1976 as being The year to bring Bilbo Baggins to the surface. They have emerged in recent months as one of the brightest hopes to be found. Tam Paton's management coupled with an inexhaustible supply of energy and determination from the band have, in the last year seen Bilbo Baggins performing upwards of 150 gigs. In Scotland, they are second in popularity only to the Bay City Rollers, and have recently toured Cyprus and completed tours with the Rubettes and Mud, as well as finding time to lay down twelve album tracks.

Bilbo Baggins is Colin Chisholm (lead vocals), 'Dev' Jimmy Devlin (rhythm guitar), 'Fid' Gordon Liddle (drums), Brian Spence who incidentally, for those who are familiar, now supports a head of gleaming hair! (He is on keyboards and guitar) and 'Tosh' Gordon McIntosh (lead guitar). Between them they have been involved in about forty groups in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. Just one - 'Reflection' with singer Colin Chisholm got as far as "Opportunity Knocks", the rest sinking without a trace.

Tam Paton first heard of the band when they rang to ask if he knew of any drummers. He suggested Gordon and later went along to see them. He was impressed with their positive image and gutsy sound, and most important of all, their charisma.

Having the same manager as the Bay City Rollers is bound to lead to comparisons. They're not perturbed and firmly believe that their sound is "much more funky and will eventually appeal to a much wider audience."

Although on the face of things Bilbo Baggins are now one of the busiest groups around, it's been a hard graft for recognition. They've more than vivid memories of countless nights spent in vans and all-night cinemas, living on hopes and very little else. Jimmy Devlin recalls after a gig one night taking a single room at an hotel and the rest of the band sneaking through the rear entrance and all of them spending the night in one single bed! The price of fame comes high! Nevertheless, the strong will survive, and we're certain Bilbo Baggins, with recognition looming on the horizon, have now seen the last of an average £10 weekly wage.

Their first single in '76 "Back Home", a song borrowed from Golden Earring left press and public alike disappointed at the lack of attention it received. 'However, we anticipate "It's A Shame", written and produced by ex-Tremeloe Alan Blakley to be released in March, as the one which will launch them on a course to the top.

MARCH 1976



Hold Me /Dance To The Band 2058 575 25/4/75
Back Home/What's Goin' On 2058 667 9/1/76
It's A Shame/ Please Sir 2058 707 26/3/76


Birthdate 28.11.52
Birthplace Edinburgh
Height 5' 11"
Eyes Slate
Hair Brown
Home Edinburgh
Instrument played Bass guitar, vocals
Musical Education Piano lessons age 9-12
First appearance 1966 double date, public school barbeque then 21st party
Biggest break Meeting Tam Paton
Hobbies Fishing, home brewing
Favourite composer Lennon /McCartney
Dislikes Travelling, planes and boats
Likes Bikes, traditional Scots food -tattles (potato scones)


Birthdate 1.3.53
Birthplace Edinburgh
Height 5' 8 1/2"
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Home Edinburgh
Instrument played Vocals
Musical Education In the bath!
First appearance In the bath!
Biggest break Opportunity Knocks
Hobbies Badminton
Favourite composer Joni Mitchell
Dislikes Smoothies, eggs, plastic fruit
Likes Lager and ladies


Birthdate 19.4.55
Birthplace Glasgow
Height 5' 11"
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Home Edinburgh
Instrument played Drums
Musical Education Taught by session musician George McGowen
First appearance Community centre, Glasgow
Biggest break Forming Bilbo Baggins
Hobbies Swimming, football
Favourite composer McCartney
Dislikes Buses, untidyness
Likes Chinese food, ladies, fast cars


Birthdate 10.1.55
Birthplace Edinburgh
Height 5' 8"
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Home Edinburgh
Instrument played Lead Guitar
Musical Education Self taught
First appearance 1968 Double date, public school barbeque then 21st party
Biggest break Forming Bilbo Baggins
Hobbies Tennis and football, supports Hibernian
Favourite composer McCartney
Dislikes Cigarettes, running for buses, rain and spiders
Likes Watching television, eating good food


Birthdate 7.2.55
Birthplace Edinburgh
Height 5' 8"
Eyes Bloodshot!
Hair Brown
Home Edinburgh
Instrument played Piano, guitar
Musical Education Self-taught
First appearance Bus shelter in Edinburgh
Biggest break Forming Bilbo Baggins
Hobbies Eating...then dieting!
Favourite composer John Lennon
Dislikes Long, wide trousers
Likes Bald women

For further information please contact David Hughes or Janice Hague at the Polydor Press Office - 01 499 8686

Fan Club address: P.O. Box 707, Edinburgh 4.

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