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Brian Spence

Brian SpenceBirthday: 07.07.1953

Guitarist/Keyboards/Backing Vocals/Main Songwriter

Brian grew up in the Clermiston area of Edinburgh, one of four brothers and also a neighbour of Tosh. A naturally talented and instinctive musician, he played in several local bands before becoming a founder member of Bilbo Baggins with Dev and Colin. He was very dedicated to their ambitions of becoming a successful band and took a serious approach to ensuring everything was 'just right' on stage. In the early days he was best known as being the bald one - on stage he would sometimes give a 'mean and moody' staring performance but at other times would joke around with the rest of the band.

Brian was always interested in creating a fresh look for the band and often came up with new ideas for a good image (although he probably would not own up to the lycra and perms). Following Dev's departure Brian became the main guitarist and soon the group's songwriter. Brian was always popular with their fans and after saying in a profile of the band that he liked marshmallows he had an almost constant supply. Brian is the only former BB member to still be working as a musician. Over the years he has released 2 solo albums, written and staged the musical MacGregor's Trap, released the excellent 'Postcards' album with The Wish and been involved in many other projects. (For more up to date information go to Spence Music)

To find out what Brian is doing now go to Bilbo Today.

The information collected below is from various promotional information sheets. Sometimes the information conflicts, i.e. year of birth, eye colour, etc.

Name Brian Spence
Birthdate 7th February 1955 (or 1953)
Birthplace Edinburgh
Height 5' 8" or 5' 7 1/2"
Eyes Bloodshot! or Blue or Greeny Blue
Hair Brown or Fair
Weight 9st 9lb
Home Edinburgh
Instrument played Piano,
Musical Education Self-taught
Early Musical Influences The Beatles,
Rolling Stones
Favourite Records "Albatross" - Fleetwood Mac
"Something In The Air" - Thunderclap Newman
First appearance Bus shelter in Edinburgh
Biggest break Forming Bilbo Baggins
Hobbies Eating ... then dieting!
Reading (nonfiction)
Favourite composer John Lennon
Dislikes Long, wide trousers,
Shaking Hands
Talking about the Weather
Domineering Personalities
Likes Bald women,
Cheese on Toast,
Favourite Films The Exorcist,
Close Encounters
Favourite TV Programmes Top Of The Pops,
Tomorrow's World,
Whistle Test,
I Claudius
Favourite Personality Derek Jacobi,
John Hurt
Favourite food MacDonald's Hamburgers
Favourite Drink Tea

To have my own studio


The source of the above information is from 3 separate documents. The first can be found as part of a press release from Polydor. The other two are also issued by the record companies

Polydor Press Release Brian Profile
Polydor Lightning
Polydor Information about Bilbo Baggins Lightning Information about Bilbo
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