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Gordon (Fid) Liddle

Gordon LiddleBirthday: 19.04.1951

Drums/Backing Vocals

The only member of the band not to come from Edinburgh, Fid was the 'outsider' from Glasgow where he grew up with two sisters. They were introduced by manager Tam and it soon became clear that they all shared the aim of wanting big success - and also a good sense of humour. He was always known as Fid, rather than Gordon, thanks to a nickname, derived from his surname, from his school days which stuck with him.

Apart from being a solid and proficient drummer, Fid also taught himself to play guitar and keyboards and also tried his hand at songwriting. He was the first of the band to have his own song released with the 'B' side of 'Hold Me' called 'Dance to the Band'. Fid supports the Glasgow football team Celtic and had a keen interest in photography, he could often be found looking around camera shops.

After Bilbo split up in 1979 Fid managed to turn around his future career in the most remarkable way. He must have studied incredibly hard to qualify within the legal profession, currently holding the position of Sheriff in Scotland (equivalent to a Judge in England). Probably not many people are allowed to address him as Fid anymore!

To find out what Fid is doing now go to Bilbo Today.

The information collected below is from various promotional information sheets. Sometimes the information conflicts, i.e. year of birth, eye colour, etc.

Name Gordon Liddle
Birthdate 19th April 1955 (or 1951)
Birthplace Glasgow
Height 5' 11"
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown or Dark Brown
Weight 10st 7lb
Home Edinburgh
Instrument played Drums,
Musical Education Taught by session musician George McGowen
Early Musical Influences The Beatles
Favourite Records "Band On The Run" - Wings
Diana Ross albums
First appearance Community centre, Glasgow
Biggest break Forming Bilbo Baggins
Hobbies Swimming,
Favourite composer McCartney
Dislikes Buses,
Cold Places

Chinese food,
Fast cars,

Favourite Films The Sting,
The Graduate
Favourite TV Programmes Top Of The Pops,
Favourite Personality John Cleese,
Ronnie Barker,
Paul McCartney
Favourite food Italian and Indian - plenty of it
Favourite Drink Plenty of that as well.
Ambition To be content


The source of the above information is from 3 separate documents. The first can be found as part of a press release from Polydor. The other two are also issued by the record companies

Polydor Press Release  
Polydor Lightning
Polydor Information about Bilbo Baggins Lightning Information about Bilbo
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