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Osmonds, Rollers - Now Bilbo?

Osmonds, Rollers - Now Bilbo? Part 1Osmonds, Rollers - Now Bilbo? Part 2

Osmonds - In Trouble!

74 Are We Still Gonna Need You?

Last year, the Osmonds wore the crown. This year, it's been the year of the Rollers. Who's next?

When Mates first started, the Osmonds rules!

"Love Me For A Reason" had stayed at No. 1 for three weeks, and Donny and Marie had made their first debut single, "I'm Gonna Leave It All Up To You".

Then things got quieter. There were still hits "The Proud One" and "I'm Still Gonna Need You" - and they came over to Britain again. But for what?

A handful of concerts, a couple of TV appearances - and then they were off again!

Back to the States for another year! The Osmonds used to have the most loyal fans anywhere - but how long can it last when they never get to see them?

Back home, the Osmonds still have their fans.

But that's because they've been touring non-stop! So, hurry backs, Osmonds, while there are still some fans left!

Rollers - The Year They Dreamt Of

75 They're Still No1!

There's no doubt about it. 1975 was the year of the Rollers!

Tartan rules - and still rules. It's been a year the Rollers have always dreamt about.

A year they thought would never come true.

Two No. 1 singles in this country alone, a massive tour of Britain, Roller-mania in Australia - and then to top it all, a trip to America that put them at No. 1 in the charts over there!

The Rollers struggled for years! But in 1975 their fight for fame was over.

They turned millions of hearts to love them forever!

Bilbo - They'll Never Give Up!

You could call them the Rollers' brothers!

They're call Bilbo Baggins, and they're going to be big in '76.

They all come from Edinburgh. All except drummer Fid Liddle. He's from Glasgow.

Just like the Rollers, they've got more than just talent 'n' good looks.

They've got Tam Paton as their manager!

"We know the Rollers well," Fid told us.

"We've seen what they had to do to get to the top - but it doesn't put us off!

"It's made us all the more determined to get there. We'll never give up!"

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