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Will Bilbo Baggins Be Biggies?

Will Bilbo Be BiggiesComing from the same streets in Edinburgh as the Rollers, guided by the same manager as the Rollers, best mates of the Rollers can Bilbo Baggins fail to superstars?

We've known Tam for ages,", said Colin, when we asked the boys about their early days, "and most of us have been in one or other of the groups he's managed for a long time. He was always the best manager in Edinburgh, so we've been lucky.

"And the Rollers are good friends of ours, too. We still see a lot of them up at Tam's house, and I know it sounds corny, but they're still the same as ever - nice guys.


"Of course people expect us to sound and be like the Rollers," said Dev, "but we're not really the same - listen to us and I'm sure you'll agree. What they do is great and what-we do is great in another way, too (we hope!!)."

"We're interested in clothes like they are though," Tosh chipped in.

"At the moment we've started to wear denim dresses over our trousers. It's all the rage around our area!

"Once you get used to the idea of wearing dresses, it's great. (Must get Gabby to lend me hers! - Mick). We wear little badges, too, and although I say it myself, look pretty smart!"


The day we nearly gave up

BRIAN told us that Bilbo Baggins haven't always had it good.

"Like all bands we've had our terrible moments," he said. "The worst was when our normal van broke down, and we had to use a creaky old truck to take us from Edinburgh to Portsmouth.

"It would only go at about 20 mph and so it took us nearly four days to get there! Just as we were unloading our gear some local birds came along.


'"Ere, what are you lot up to?' they said. 'This dancehall's been shut for over two years, haven't you heard?' We just fell to the ground in sheer horror!

"On the way back home we decided to give up and pack the group in for good. We only had one more show to do, anyway, in Aberdeen, and then we could finish for ever.

"We went on stage thinking about all the boring normal Jobs we'd be doing, dead depressed. But as we played we realised we were going down very well - in fact the crowd seemed to love us!

"When got hack in our dressing room we were all thinking the same thing. We just had to stick at it- and now at last we seem to somewhere."

Left to right: 'Dev' -Jimmy Devlin bass. 22: Colin Chisholme, lead singer. 22: Fid Gordon Liddle, drummer, 19; Brian Spence, keyboards, 19: 'Tosh' Gordon McKintosh, guitar, 19.

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