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Colin on You Tube

All of the following items are links to YouTube with work that Colin has done with Bob Heatlie, a song-writer based in Edinburgh where Colin lives. We have included these songs to show that Colin is not only still singing but to also show his versitility as a couple of are opera in style, whilst others are of a stage musical style.

To find these on YouTube either search for Bob Heatlie Songs or click on the link. Link

AVORE (A song for Andrea Bocelli?)
Bob Heatlie writes: As the title suggests, this is a song that would really suit someone like Andrea Bocelli. Oh and by the way, if you can't recognize the language it's sung in, don't worry, because it's a made up language! I can't write Italian lyrics and I don't know anyone who does! The demo is sung by a very talented friend of mine, and his name is Colin Chisholm, and he hails from Edinburgh in Scotland. It was recorded on my Apple G5, using the East West Symphonic Orchestra Software.



O Sebye A Pore Tormida (A Tribute to Luciano Pavarroti)
Again, Bob writes: A song that I recently wrote, and once again would possibly suit someone like Andrea Bocelli.


Bob Heatlie has written a musical called "Revolution". It's a story of love and deceit, during the time of the Russian Revolution. Of the eight songs, four of them feature Colin. Bob, as a song-writer has hits with Shakin' Stevens (Merry Christmas Everyone) and Anenka (Japanese Boy).

Bob is keen to find a production company who may be interested this musical, so if there are any people out there who would like to help, they can contact him through YouTube.

Drooszba Imir - Josef tells his people about the changes he hopes the revolution will bring. The title of this song is "Peace And Friendship" Drooszba Imir, is the phonetic spelling of the Russian title. It is sung by Colin Chisolm.


My Father's Hand - Josef recalls the memories of his late Father. Sung by Colin Chisholm.


March For The Revolution - The Russian people decide it's time to march through the streets. The singers are Colin Chisholm and Bob Heatlie.


Stay With Me Tonight - Katya begs Josef not to go to the police station in order to secure the release of his friend Pasha. The singers are Colin Chisholm and Joanne Ramsay. Joanne has also appeared with Colin as Catriona in the live version of Brian Spence's "MacGregor's Trap".


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