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Winter 1977 Newsletter


Winter 1977 NewsletterHello and Good Morning (or if you have just come in from work or school Good Evening.)

I am pleased to have this newsletter to you at last. Yes, I've had printing troubles again but more of that later on in the letter.

The first piece of news that I have to tell you is that Bilbo Baggins are no longer with manager Tarn Paton. They split up at the beginning of the year and "The Baggins" are now handling their own affairs. As you will no doubt have heard, the group's recording contract with Polydor ran out at the end of last year and as a result they have been having talks with the record companies (5) ,to see about a new contract. Unfortunately due to certain complications they cannot sign new contracts until they have legally separated from Tam. .However, I am pleased to report that all the companies are very interested in the group. It shouldn't be too long before a new deal is fixed up.

Colin, Fid, Brian and Tosh have individually asked me to thank you all for the Christmas, birthday and St. Valentines day cards and presents that you have sent them in the past few months. They really do appreciate them a lot.

Thanks are in order too, for those you who came to see the group on the Rollers tour. They were very pleased with the loyal support they got at all the venues.

I would like to explain the first sentence now. As a lot of you will probably know, I now have my own duplicator here at the fan club premises, but unfortunately this does not allow me to print my own photographs, or metal badges. The printers we use are beings very slow with these. All I can say at the moment is that I will do my best to get things rolling as soon as humanly possible, or sooner.

And now for the good news, (the last paragraph, of course, was the bad news). Because they have not yet signed a recording deal, if you send in a blank cassette to the fan club address, I will send you a copy of some thing the group recorded recently along with a personal message from them. O.K. That is all for the mo', until the next newsletter (end of May for S.A.E.) Goodbye,


P.S. Patches are still available priced 80p.
P.P.S. Please send in an S.A.E. for the cassette, ta!

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