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Summer 1976 NewsletterYes, at last your newsletter; has come, has reached you, has arrived. I'm sorry about the delay in it arriving, I've had a lot of trouble with the printers, but the problems have now been solved by buying a printers duplicating machine. Whilst I'm on the subject of apologies the group have asked me to pass on theirs for not being able to reply to letters sent to them personally, the reason:- hundreds of letters arrive every month, and it would be impossible for them to answer, but always insist on reading their own mail and appreciate it very much.

Now for the real news; Colin, Fid, Dev, Tosh, and Brian are going abroad to do concerts, on two different trips, in August. The first it to the island of Gibraltar for four days, from the second until the fifth. The second trip is to Switzerland from the fourteenth to the fifteenth.

Later in the year, in November in fact, Bilbo will be appearing on B;B;C; 2. in a play. The play is about a young girl fantasises that she is a star and appears on Top of the Pops. Bilbo play the group who back her musically in this fantansy. This will be a live performance. Also appearing on the show will be Radio I disc jockey Noel Edmunds.

A lot of you have sent in requests to Local and National radio stations asking for the Baggins records to be played and they would like to thank you for doing this, and a great big THANKS goes out to all who bought the records.

Sad news! those amongst you who have been to see Bilbo Baggins will no doubt have met, or at least seen the popular 'Roadie' with the red hair, BILLY --- he left the group after gig in Aberdeen on 29th June, I am sure you will miss him as will all the boys in the group. He will be replaced by Keiron who comes from Brighton and has helped out with the group before. Brian sits his driving test in September, last month be sat the test but was not successful, no doubt many of you will feel that the examiner was not generous enough to give him a pass but Brian himself was not unduly worried.

On a lighter note, Fid is now an uncle. His sister had a little boy two months ago, he is very proud.

We have had many requests for cloth patches. These are available through the fan club - price 80p, when ordering please send a stamped addressed envelope so that the patch can be sent by return.

As for the Autumn News Letter, could you please send in a stamped addressed envelope about the middle of September. I hope there will be no more holdups in getting the news to you.

Well that's all the news for now

I'll say goodbye for now with love from the boys and me

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