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Autumn 1976 Newsletter


Autumn 1976 NewsletterHi There,

I'm afraid we're going to have to start this letter with some sad news.

As some of you will already know, Dev is no longer with the band, and to those of you who were particularly fond of him the others would like to say they are sorry. The split finally came after their trip to Gibraltar in August where Dev got himself into a condition which made it impossible for him to appear on stage. Due to this, and some other personal reasons the rest of the band felt that if they were to continue they would have to ask Dev to leave. They do however wish Dev every success in any venture he undertakes. The band is continuing as a four piece with Tosh on Bass and Brian on guitar. Also we'd like to make it clear that Alan Longmuir will not be joining the hand as stated in some newspapers. The boys do have a very high regard for Alan both as a musician and as a person but feel they should go it alone.

We'd like to thank everyone who came to support Bilbo on the Rollers concert tour, and regret not being able to let you all know sooner. Unfortunately our appearances we're not finalised until most of the tickets had been sold.

Now to pass onto recording news. You will no doubt be waiting patiently for Bilbo next single to emerge and wondering why it is taking so long. Well the time has come around when Bilbo's recording contract is about to expire and there have been offers submitted by most of the Major Recording Companies in the country as well as a re-signing offer from Polydor on the boys and Tam have been so busy that they have not had time to sort them out yet, but they will be getting round to it very soon and we hope to see a new single from Bilbo in the not too distant future.

It will soon be time for the Bilbo Baggins Fan Club's first anniversary. It doesn't seem like a year since we first got the fan club rolling, but it's always funny how time flies when you are enjoying yourself. All of you who joined right at the start will now be wondering how to rejoin the club. This is just a case of filling in the new application form which will be sent to you when your old membership has expired and you will then be sent a complete new membership kit for 1977. You will also be pleased to hear that the group have a few television appearances lined up in the next couple of months sorry I don' t know the dates but you will see them in the T.V. papers anyway. The band are arranging a gig tour which will take them all around the country, so you should be able to get along to see them in the flesh before too long.

Brian has asked me to thank you all for the cards you sent wishing him luck on his driving test as it seers to have worked 'cause he passed this time, about time too, as the rest of the group were getting a bit fed up about him pulling them out of bed early in the morning to take him out driving, Now he will get all the practice he wants.

Fid would like to thank everyone who wrote or sent cards congratulating him on becoming an uncle and says that his nephew, Scott, is doing just great, and he is very proud of him.

Before finnishing I would like to mention that cloth B.B. patches are still available from the fan club at 80 pence each.

All the group send their love, and they and myself would like to thank all Bilbo Baggins fans for their loyal support.

Till the next newsletter,

Morley Enterprises

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